Please mark your calendars – the first day of school is Monday, August 27th, 2018, for ALL GRADES, including preK and Kindergarten!

FitzPatrick Parent Volunteer Organization

  • The FitzPVO is a member of the School District of Phila. Home & School Association. We proudly serve the students, parents, and faculty of Aloysius L FitzPatrick Elementary School.
  • Our role as a group of parent volunteers is to provide an “INFORMATION/COMMUNICATION LINK” between the parents and the school. we coordinate student events, organize fundraisers and help out around the school as needed
  • We meet at the beginning of each month during school hours. All of our efforts directly benefit our students and the school community.
  • You may address any questions or concerns to any of the Fitzpatrick Parent Volunteer Officers.
  • Please visit the School District of Philadelphia volunteer site to learn how to become a parent volunteer. This page includes links to important safety clearances that must be obtained.

FitzPatrick Parent Volunteer Officers

President – Jennifer Cullen

Vice-President – Karen Greene

Treasurer – Maria Holahan

Secretary – Debbie Kensil

Office Hours/ Location

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30-2:30

Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-12:00

We are located on the third floor, room 334


  • Weekly Pretzel days (Wed)
  • Fall Holiday Shoppe
  • Fall Yankee Candle fundraiser
  • Picture Days (Fall and Spring)
  • Spring Book Fair
  • Buy One Get One Fair (BOGO in May)
  • School Uniform And Price Lists Are Available At The PVO Office


Permission Forms